Saturday, November 13, 2010

The PermaColor Process

All CertainTeed vinyl siding and accessories are produced using
the PermaColor™ resin system. In the process, PVC resin,
superior micro-ingredients, and state-of-the-art
pigment chemistry combine to produce an array of rich,
durable colors.
CertainTeed is a vertically integrated siding manufacturer.
We know our pigments are of the highest quality because
we control every step of the process. On an ongoing basis,
CertainTeed research and development personnel collaborate
with suppliers to fine tune the physical and chemical
properties of their highest quality colorants. Chemical and
physical properties as well as levels of color, antioxidants,
and UV stabilizers have been tested and re-tested to produce
innovative, durable colors.
VSI Color Certification
CertainTeed vinyl siding and trim has earned the Vinyl Siding
Institute (VSI) Color Certification for its siding and trim. The VSI
color-retention certification process requires a two-year,
outdoor weathering study. Each certified CertainTeed color
demonstrated the ability to resist major changes in a variety of
climates. The color-retention certification is based on the
performance standard for color retention, ASTM D6864.
Streaked Colors
The “streaked” colors of Monogram™ Blends are deluxe colors.
They have a streaked, semi-transparent stained wood
appearance, which is achieved through CertainTeed’s
SpectraGrain MVF™ (multi-viscosity fusion) process.
This multi-viscosity fusion process uses multiple colorants of
different viscosity, or thickness. Each color flows and mixes
differently in the extruder. The first, usually the lighter color,
melts easily and quickly and, thus, forms the background color
for the siding. The second (usually, darker) color melts later in
the extrusion process and streaks because it does not disperse
completely. The blended effect is actually the darker color
sitting on top of the base color, creating a semi-transparent
stained wood appearance.
Dark Colors
Dark colors are co-extruded with ASA/AES plastic as the
capstock. The properties of ASA/AES and CertainTeed’s twinscrew
extrusion process are such that the capstock physically
bonds to the vinyl compound, though it remains concentrated
on the surface of the sheet. Darker colors, particularly blues,
greens, browns and grays, would quickly chalk and fade if made
in only PVC. The ASA/AES capstock ensures long-term
weatherability for these dark colors.
CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Master Craftsman Education & Development Program
6. The PermaColor™ Process
In this chapter you’ll learn about color:
• PermaColor™ process
• Blended colors
• Dark colors
• CertainTeed siding is consistent from batch-to-batch
because the PermaColor™ Process tightly controls the
level of color.
• Streaked colors like those in Monogram™ siding are
produced using the SpectraGrain MVF Process. In this
process, two or more colors are added at the extruder.
The colors melt at different times and blend differently,
so one color “sits” on top of the base color.
• ASA/AES plastic is added as a capstock to darker colors.
The ASA /AES physically bond with the vinyl sheet, but they
sits on top and help protect the dark colors from chalking
and fading.

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