Monday, November 29, 2010

UnderRoof™ 2 premium leak barriers

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Q: UnderRoof™ 2 premium leak barriers are designed for use under:

UnderRoof™ 2 waterproof protection is a specially-designed self-adhering leak barrier for tile roofs. It provides maximum protection from leaks that can result from tile saturation, clogged gutters, wind-driven rain, or (in cold climates) freeze-thaw damage. Made with flexible SBS-modified compound and reinforced with a fiberglass-reinforced polyester core, UnderRoof™ 2 waterproof protection applies easily and can be left exposed for up to 180 days, if necessary. The heat-activated adhesive allows the product to be repositionable for ease of installation, but seals tightly once in place providing a watertight barrier against leaks. UnderRoof™ 2 can be used under asphalt shingles as well.

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