Monday, December 6, 2010

Estimating for Siding

Use the illustrations and formulas below and enter totals on
the estimating form in this section. These formulas apply for
both horizontal and vertical installations.
NOTE: When estimating for a large project, you may want
to add a waste allowance of 10 percent to the totals for
siding, soffit and accessories.
Rectangular wall surfaces
Measure height (excluding gables). Measure width
(including doors and windows).
_____________ x _____________ = _____________
(height) (width) (surface area)
Repeat for remaining walls.
Triangular gable end surfaces
Measure height at center (add 1' to allow for waste).
Measure width and divide by half.
_____________ x _____________ = _____________
(height) (1/2 width) (surface area)
Repeat for remaining gables.
Upper wall of gambrel house
Divide the upper wall of a gambrel house as shown in the
illustration. Then use the following formulas:
1/2 (B + C) x H = ____________
1/2 C x D = ____________
Add these figures to get total area: ____________
Repeat for remaining gambrel surfaces.
Dormer sides
Measure height of dormer (add 1' to allow for waste). Use the
following formula:
_____________ x _____________ = ____________________
(1/2 height) (1/2 width) (surface area, 1 side)
____________________ x 2 = _________________________
(surface area, 1 side) (total dormer surface area)
Repeat for all dormers.
Measure width of eave to be covered. Measure length of eave.
_____________ x _____________ = _____________
(width) (length) (surface area)
Repeat for remaining eaves.
Porch Ceiling
Measure length of porch area to be covered. Measure width of
_____________ x _____________ = _____________
(length) (width) (surface area)
CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Installation Guide
CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Installation Guide
Before ordering accessories, you also have to determine the
width of the J-channel into which you will fit the vinyl siding.
To do this, you must first determine which of two methods you
will use to apply sheathings or underlayments. This is covered
in more detail under “Sheathings.”
Starter strip: Measure along base of building. _________
J-channel: For siding installations, measure
around doors and windows, under eaves,
at rake edges of gables where dormer
meets roofline, and anywhere else required
to provide a finished appearance. _________
For soffit, measure along wall under eave
and along fascia board. _________
For porch ceilings, measure along perimeter
of the porch area. _________
F-channel: For soffit, measure along wall
under eve. _________
For porch ceilings, measure along perimeter
of the porch area. _________
3-1/2" and 5" lineals: For casing, measure
along perimeter of doors and windows.
For gables, measure at rake edges of gables
where dormer meets roof line. _________
Undersill trim: Measure above and below
windows and above doors and top course
of siding below soffit. _________
Soffit H-bar: Measure diagonals at all
eave corners. _________
Outside cornerpost: Measure length of
outside corners. _________
Inside cornerpost: Measure length of
inside corners. _________
NOTE: If you plan to use J-channel instead of inside
cornerposts, remember to double this measurement
and add the total to your entry for J-channel.
Dual undersill trim: Measure along top
of wall where siding will meet eaves. _________
Estimating Form
Siding Walls __________ sq feet
Gable ends __________ sq feet
Dormer sides __________ sq feet
Upper gambrel walls __________ sq feet
Total wall surface area __________ sq feet (A)
Large areas not to be covered:
(garage doors/sliding glass doors) __________ sq feet
x .50
Uncovered area __________ sq feet (B)
Subtract B from A for
Total net surface area __________ sq feet
Soffit __________ sq feet
Porch Ceiling __________ sq feet
Accessories Starter strip __________ lineal feet
Window & door lineal starter __________ lineal feet
Four piece corner starter __________ lineal feet
Utility trim __________ lineal feet
Receiving Channel J-channel __________ lineal feet
2-1/2" window & door casing __________ lineal feet
Flexible J-channel __________ lineal feet
F-channel: 5/8" or 3/4" __________ lineal feet
Deluxe F-channel __________ lineal feet
3-1/2" or 5" lineals __________ lineal feet
New construction window starter __________ lineal feet
Dual undersill trim __________ lineal feet
Outside Corners Outside cornerpost __________ lineal feet
Fluted SuperCorner __________ lineal feet
Traditional SuperCorner __________ lineal feet
Beaded SuperCorner __________ lineal feet
Cedar Impressions/CedarBoards
cornerpost __________ lineal feet
Four Piece Corner System __________ lineal feet
Inside Corners Inside Cornerpost __________ lineal feet
J-channel __________ lineal feet
Other Soffit cove trim __________ lineal feet
H-bar: 1/2" or 3/8" __________ lineal feet
Corner blocks __________ pairs
Rosettes __________ pairs
Cornice molding receiver __________ lineal feet
Cornice molding __________ lineal feet
Width of accessory recess opening:
(circle one) 1/2" 3/4" 1-1/4"
Nails Pounds required (1-1/2" minimum) __________

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