Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Omega Contracting Fraud Trial Moves Forward

Prosecutors are moving forward with the Omega Contracting LLC fraud trial.  Omega Contracting is one of the many "storm chaser" roofing companies working on the May 2010 hail storm that hit Northern Virginia.   Omega is located in Manassas, VA. Reviews of Omega Contracting LLC are expected.

Last month police arrested employees of Omega Contracting LLC on theft and fraud charges.  They did not have to go far to find these men.  Seems they were living in the Prince William County jail.  These men were living in the jail and would go out daily on a work release program.

Omega Contracting operates a fleet of trucks which are given to these inmates each morning for them to visit local homeowners to inquire about roofing repairs and other remodeling jobs.  One of the teams allegedly got caught stealing blank checks while on work release and then cashing these checks.


  1. First, Omega Contracting, LLC is NOT a storm chaser, we work in the NoVa area, our neighborhood. Second, the fraud that has occurred was from two former employees. They were caught stealing, forging and cashing company checks, from the owner's check book left in his office. Omega was the VICTIM, not the perpetrator.

    These men were given a second chance and made horrible mistakes, you cannot blame a company for hiring people from work release.

  2. This blog is completely baseless, seeing as there are zero sources. This is a drive by former employees with an agenda to tarnish the name of Omega. Simply look at the A+ BBB rating and years of business. This type of blogging can have serious litigious implications. The author WILL be held fully responsible for damages!