Saturday, December 4, 2010

Introduction to Installing Siding

Plan your work, then work your plan.
That’s the key to success with any project, and it’s doubly
true when it comes to installing vinyl siding, soffit, trim
and accessories.
If you use the right materials and the right tools in the right
order, you’ll complete remodeling and new home installations
in less time, with less effort, and with far greater satisfaction.
Since you’re using CertainTeed products, you’ve already taken
the first step toward success. CertainTeed sidings, soffit, trim
and accessories provide premium quality, rugged durability
and outstanding appearance. Quite simply, they’re made to
look great–on the day they’re installed and for years after.
The second ingredient of success–using the proper tools,
techniques and procedures–is covered in this book. As you’ll
see by scanning the table of contents, this book guides you
through every step of the installation process, from estimating
materials to attaching mailboxes and shutters. Every major
installation project is covered: horizontal; vertical, including
Board & Batten; soffit and fascia; porch ceilings; and
decorative trim. Where various approaches to a particular
installation procedure are possible, the book presents practical
alternatives. To make the instructions as detailed and
complete as possible, dozens of illustrations accompany the
As you’re reading–and while you’re working–keep in mind
the most important rule of thumb for successful vinyl siding
installation: allow for movement. All vinyl siding, soffit and
accessories used in exterior applications must be able to
move freely as they expand and contract with temperature
changes. You’ll see this point emphasized again and again
throughout this book; you’ll also learn various techniques for
measuring, fitting and nailing that will allow this unobstructed
movement. These are perhaps the most important lessons in
this booklet.
NOTE: No instruction book can anticipate all the
questions that might arise during a siding or soffit
installation. Recognizing this, we’ve focused on the tools
and techniques used to complete typical installations.
Where appropriate, we’ve also included alternative
approaches for specific installation steps. If you encounter
a unique installation problem not covered in this book, we
suggest you contact your building materials distributor or
call our Sales Support Group at 1-800-233-8990.

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